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We need a digital presence that will showcase our products and services and facilitate up selling the same to our members and prospective clients as well. We also need to capture the images of our facilities and key personnel and incorporate them on the website.


WALOKANA SACCO is a matatu Sacco based in Wangige Kiambu county and operates majorly on routes 118 and 119, the main objective of the organization is to organize and promote the quality of life of its members through mobilization of savings and provision of affordable loans.

We sat down with the team and extensively discussed their goals , target audience and developed a timeline for he entire project. After many discussions we decided to create a clean, simple and user friendly website that will connect and resonate with the members of the SACCO and will match with the company’s brand

We created the content and added the content that would aid the members access basic information on the different products and services offered by the SACCO with ease, we also created a insurance section that where we listed some of the most frequently bought insurance services by the SACCO members, We created a system where members would apply or renew their insurance online conveniently

We also took into account the products offered by the clients petrol station and showcased them on the website this include:

  • Petroleum products
  • Lubricants
  • Tires
  • Batteries e.t.c

The SACCO also had a major project that was recently completed WALOKANA HEIGHTS which consists of luxurious one and two bedroom apartments. We took photos of the facilities and incorporated them on the website