How to Create a Professional Website With just KSH2,000

How to Create a Professional Website With just KSH2,000

A business that does not have an online presence will soon be out of business. To help you create your own website without spending thousands of shillings hiring a developer, we have compiled a detailed guide that will help you build your own website be it for your own personal website or business website from scratch using WordPress, without necessarily knowing how to code or program.

Step 1. Register a Domain

A domain name is simply the name of your website, it is the address that will be used to locate and or identify your website on the internet. Domain names can be as expensive as 5,000 and as cheap as 100 depending on the domain extension you opt to use for businesses in Kenya a domain extension is preferred i.e which will cost kes500 only the price may vary from seller to another but you can buy yours from for 499/=. Click here to search for the availability of the domain you want to register, if its available pay 499 and have your domain registered

Step 2: Get hosting for your domain

Hosting is a service that provides storage for all your website’s files there are different types of hosting packages which include: virtual private server(VPS), shared hosting, dedicated server hosting, managed servers and shared hosting, for today we are going to be using shared hosting from truehost since it is affordable, relatively fast and offers quality support 24/7 we have been hosting there and we can attest to it. Click here to get hosting from truehost for only 1,500/= paid annually  you will get the silver package that has the following features

  • 30GB Web Hosting
  • Unlimited Emails Accounts
  • Unlimited Bandwidth
  • WordPress + 400 CMS
  • Free Lets Encrypt SSL
  • Daily Website Backup
  • Up to 3 Websites Hosting

We recommend truehost for this tutorial because you will get all the 24/7 support and supports WordPress which is the content management system we will be using to create the website we recommend buying the domain and hosting from the same company to ease the work creating the website.

Step 3: Install WordPress on your domain

Once you have the domain and hosting for your website we can go ahead and install WordPress on your website. We recommend using WordPress for your website because it is 100% free, it is simple to customize and it is being used by more than 30% of the internet, ease of management, Great for SEO, and it is also reliable. To install WordPress head over to your Cpanel, if you’re using truehost you can easily access by typing the name of your domain then followed by:2083 i.e

Steps to install WordPress

  1. login to your Cpanel and enter the credentials provided by the hosting provider

2. scroll down to softaculus apps installer and click on wordpress

3. You will get this page after you click on wordpress

4. click on install now

5. Enter some few settings to proceed with the installation, the first setting is to enter the url installation

6.make sure it is starting with https://

7.remove the wp in directory

8.change the site name and description

9.choose a username and a strong password for your site and enter your email as the admin email on install

Step 4: Login to your new site

To login to your new website use the link that was sent to you on your admin email address. you can also type the login url on your browser, the login url is usually replacing “” with the actual address your website. Enter your credentials and you will be re-directed to the dashboard of your website.

Step 5: Install a theme

A theme enhances the appearance of your website. To install a theme, click on appearance on your dashboard

then click on add new

search for Astra, Astra is a lightweight and beautiful theme that allows us to import the whole website

click on Astra and install it

after it has installed click on activate, to activate the theme

Step 6: Import a ready-made website

once we have installed and activated the Astra theme we can go ahead and import a ready-made website of our choice, to do that we will need to install one plugin called astra starter sites, a plugin is simply a software that extends the functionality of a website

click on plugins then add new, then search for a plugin called astra starter sites

click install then once it has installed click on activate to activate the plugin once you have activated the plugin you will be re-directed to another page

click on elementor

once re-directed here click on elementor, elementor is a page builder and will help us edit the content on your website

select one of the sites

After selecting elementor you will be re-directed on this page where you will choose a site from the demos provided, the sites labelled agency are premium templates and need to be purchased before being imported, if you would prefer one of the premium themes feel free to contact us and we will install one and customize it for you

You can preview the site to see how it looks and feels if you are satisfied then go ahead and import the whole site. once its imported it should look something like this

If you are having any difficulties building your site or would like a more premium design contact me at or WhatsApp me from the site. The total cost of building the website will be KES2,000


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