Looking to build an app for your business? you’re in the right place. The first question that we need to answer is. What type of app is more appropriate for my business? When that question is out of the way then we can go ahead and build the app, there are basically 3 types of apps namely: Native apps, Web apps, and Hybrid apps. Tell us the type of business you have or the functionality you want on your app and we will advice which type of app is best suited for your business or idea, we have given a brief description of the different types of apps below.


Native App

Native applications are particularly designed for a specific type of operating system such as android and IOS and for this reason you cannot use an android app on an IOS operating system. These apps can connect with the device's hardware such as camera, Bluetooth, contacts, GPS etc, They are usually faster and offer better performance

Web App

Web apps are actually responsive websites that  are usually accessed via a mobile phones browser, users therefor don't need to download the app on their mobile devices a download feature on these apps is usually a bookmark url of the website they are also known as progressive web app (PWA) . 

Hybrid App

Hybrid apps are web apps that look and feel like native apps they have the ability to function offline, they have a responsive design, they perform fast like native apps and they usually have a home screen app icon but in simple terms they are actually web apps that look and feel like native apps

why Your business needs an app?

Better and faster performance

Native Applications are as twice as fast as mobile websites since they store data on their mobile device, mobile sites also use JavaScript while mobile apps use frameworks which is usually five times faster

Access to devices features

These apps can connect with the device's hardware such as camera, Bluetooth, contacts, GPS etc, They are usually faster and this will reduce the time a user takes to initiate and execute a function significantly,

Optimized user experience

Apps offer an immersive user experience such that such that users can simply share content with their friends in one click, which boosts conversations within users and also leads to increased sales


Apps increase communication between customers, vendors by sharing resources and a place to make orders this inturn increase productivity

Push notifications

Apps have the ability to send non-intrusive notifications to users which are received whether a user opens an application or not these are very useful for update and promotional notification

Personalized Content

users love tailored content according to their tastes and preferences. Serving tailored content is essential to making their experience delightful. it can be based on location ,behaviours or interests


Go with your right one

NEED an app in the shortest time possible?

If you need to develop an app in the shortest time possible then a PWA is the best possible option since it will take the shortest time possible but it would also mean that users will need a browser to use the app

Need an app but you have limited resources?

If you need an app but you have limited time and money the hybrid app gives you a chance to test the market with an app that can be in the hands of the users within a few months and if successful you can decide to build a native app

NEED an app but it must be fast and stable?

If perfomance is of paramount importance then you'll need to develop a native app this type of app will give you customization features and the stability yo need for your app to be successful.

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