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Webimpact is an ICT company that was established in June 2019. Webimpact specializes in Web development/design, App development, digital Marketing, SEO, and Graphics design. We provide efficient services on web development and design by making use of the current trends and technologies to offer highly optimized web design services. We build attractive and bespoke websites that drive conversions and leave your clients wanting to come back. We understand that your website plays an important role on your digital presence and we therefor don’t compromise on functionality and design of the website. Our websites are also 100% responsive and are viewable on any device, this helps given the fact that most people are now accessing the internet on their smartphones. We also have an option where a client can have an app on playstore through the conversion of website to an android app.

Our websites and apps are known to have real world exemplary performance in terms¬† of page speed and functionality the perdomance of a website can easily be measured using google’s page speed test or GT-Metrix

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George Waitiki

CEO Rocage

Excellent service, i received a beautiful website with relatively fast loading speeds, the support offered by the company is also exceptional any time i need revisions on my site they are always available to help

Stephen Munene

CEO Luxxis

Good and affordable service, the theme on my blog is just perfect and great for blogging,the support offered is also great given that there's no additional cost

Evelyn Njeri